“Classic guitar playing and vocals. Not surprised to see you are busy performing! Nicely done!”

- Jody Vanesky & Groove Time


“Stopped in and listened to your first three songs - great songwriting skills! Excellent vocals, instrumentation and production on all tracks. I'll be back!”

- Marilyn Mac


“Grooving to "So Long Ago". Great track.”

- Jamie Karris 



- M.A.C. Morrison & The L.F.E. Group


"Send You Home" - fantastic vocal and song.

- The Fabulous Del Counts


“You are without doubt an excellent musician and a great performer of these quality songs. It's been my privilege listening to your music tonight. My very best wishes.”

- Paul Dunn


“Awesome songs! Amazing vocals!”

- Brooke Falls


“Rob!!!!!! Great songs, my friend!!! You have a wonderful voice and a compelling story-telling style that keeps the listener hanging on the lyrics. Waiting to hear what happens next. I'll be back for more soon!”

- The Space Sharks


“Absolutely love what I've just been listening too. You are an Incredible talent. Your Songs, Musicianship, Vocals and Delivery should be on every radio station. Love every song I've heard so far. Keep On Keepin' On. All my best to you. Will be back for much more. I am a total fan.”

- Kevin Kerr


"Send You Home" is a great song. Thank you so much for sharing your music with us & look forward to listening to more. Wishing you the best with your music. :-) Blessings.

- Angel Wings


“Cool songs Rob!!! You can always tell when someone writes music with their heart!!!”

- Mike Denson


“They'd eat this up in Tucson, Rob! Perhaps your next stop? Great sound nice clarity on the voice. I hear the sound of money in your mainstream country approach.”

- Lou Mars